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Janet Cline (PHD)




I am a licensed psychologist in Oregon since 2010. I received BA in Spanish language and literature from Fu-Jen Catholic University, MS from National Taiwan University in Taiwan, and PhD from Pacific Graduate Institute at Carpinteria, California in 2008. I presently practice individual and group therapy. My clinical specialties/interests include adjusting to a new country, a new place, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, bridging the gap between one's current situation and desired future, and spirituality. I value relationships and enjoy working in a collaborative relationship with clients to resolve their immediate problems, and to enhance fulfillment in life. I worked as a counselor in the university counseling center in Taiwan for 4 years. Since my immigration to the US, I have worked in a substance abuse program and an adult outpatient behavioral health program in a hospital setting for over 8 years. I am experienced in working with cultural diversity issues.

Services Offered

Individual, group therapy

Theoretical Orientation

Psychotherapy, I believe, has many levels: from helping a person to resolve the immediate problems, develop emotional intelligence, to deepen self-understanding, become one truly is, and to live it out. It is a journey, from resolving the immediate crises or problems that bring a person into therapy, to identifying ineffective behavioral patterns during emotional upheavals, to learning new skills of listening to and containing painful emotions. In this journey one deepens self-understanding and develops self-acceptance. Life is full of suffering and misery. Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to speed up the maturing of one's character, by transforming misery and suffering into meaning and purpose in life. Psychotherapy helps one to resolve one's immediate problems, to change ineffective behavioral patterns, and to foster bridging the gap between one's current life situation and the desired future.

Ages Served

18 - 64, 65 - 99


English, Mandarin


Abuse: Domestic Violence, Abuse: Physical, Abuse: Sexual, Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety/Fears/Phobia, Bipolar Disorder, Couples Issues, Crisis Intervention, DBT, Depression/Mood Disorders, Divorce Issues, Family Issues/Therapy, Grief/Death, OCD, Persistant (Chronic) Pain, Postpartum Depression, PTSD, Religious Issues, Stress Management, Women's Issues

General Information

I enjoy writing, reading, art, drama, walking, playing with my dog, nature, and gourmet food.

Location(s) Served